Delivering managed solutions

At KCM, you won’t find investment managers who create static portfolios, park their clients’ money and move on, checking back only to collect their fees. Instead, you will find innovators. We believe portfolios can be managed to grow capital while effectively managing volatility and risk. In addition to traditional diversification techniques, a key component of our risk management process is the firm’s Bear Hedge strategy that strives to protect client portfolios from catastrophic life changing losses during periods of extreme market risk.

As an investment manager, we seek to exploit market inefficiencies in equities, credit and volatility, both long and short.  We apply the same attention to risk in the deployment of capital that has guided us since our inception as a fiduciary investment manager to corporate pensions, trusts and high net worth individuals. KCM was founded in 1996, and is based in Houston, Texas.

Award Winning Manager – AXS Multistrategy Alternatives Fund

Managed by Kerns Capital Management, the AXS Multistrategy Alternatives Fund (f.k.a. KCM Macro Trends Fund) is the 2018 and 2019 winner of the Thomson Reuters / Refinitive Lipper Award for Best Alternative Global Macro Fund – 5 Years.