With $241 million* in assets under management, Kerns Capital Management has a track record of delivering innovative investment solutions for institutions, family offices, high net worth individuals, and retirement plans. 



Founded by M. Lane Kerns to provide advisory services to corporate pension plans, including fiduciary oversight and investment management.  This attention to prudence and our appreciation for the wealth devastation of bear markets has guided our evolution and development of products designed to help investors grow and protect their portfolios.


Kerns establishes four risk-based model portfolios (Aggressive, Moderate, Conservative and Stable) which offer a range of risk tolerance depending on the investor’s preferences


Kerns launches the flagship mutual fund KCM Macro Trends Fund (KCMTX)


Valarian™ strategies created to provide institutional investors and investment advisors with a full range of asset allocation strategies


Institutional share class for the KCM Macro Trends Fund (KCMIX) introduced


KCM Macro Trends Fund wins Best Fund Over 5 Years in the Alternative Global Macro Funds category at the Lipper Fund Awards and celebrates 10 years since inception


As the bull market that began in 2009 continues, volatility has returned.  We distinguish ourselves by consistently operating as an active money manager rather than a passive money manager.  We believe our strategies will enable investors to diversify so they do not have to accept the bear market fate of the passive indexer.

*Source: Form ADV dated March 2018.